Tips When Comparing Flight Deals

More often than not, many people would even feel overwhelmed because of the countless information. Some may even find it difficult to recognize the best websites and techniques to get the best airfare. Here are a few tips to help you in your research.

Tip Number 1

The first thing that you must do is to determine your travel plans. Sometimes the way to compare flight prices depends on several factors: your destination whether it’s international or domestic, the expenses you are willing to make and possibly the most important, travel dates. And if these things are flexible, there will be more options when doing your research.

Tip Number 2

After you determine your plans, you can begin by searching websites to compare flight prices and quickly find airlines that offers the best price. And keep in mind that no website that can find every possible flight and all the best fare every time. And it is always advisable to check at least two or three websites.

Tip Number 3

It is also important to check the website of the airlines not listed on any booking websites because some booking websites do not list the rates of all airlines. Sometimes checking the individual website of an airline can result in a slightly lower rate, flexible ticketing options or available upgrades. And knowing when to search is essential when finding the best price. Most of the time airlines usually dump their unused sale-priced tickets the previous week to the system on Tuesdays at midnight.

Tip Number 4

It is also advisable to revise your travel dates or airports to have more results. Selecting a range of 2 days before or after greatly affects the ticket prices; sometimes a day before on the same flight can be cheaper. It is also best to consider searching for surrounding airports since most major cities have other airports and sometimes low-cost airlines use smaller landing hubs. This can greatly expand your options and perhaps save more money.

Tip Number 5

One of the most unnoticed things when people are traveling is the baggage allowance and baggage fees of each airline. And it would be best to check them before booking an airline ticket because it is possible to find cheap flight deals that has baggage fees and an expensive airfare that has no baggage means. This information can help determine which flights can save more.

Tip Number 6

Of course, when it comes to looking for flights and possibly hotels, booking as early as possible can significantly lower the price. Sometimes, a good deal on airfare and cheap hotels, are purchased quickly that procrastinating doesn’t help. And it is possible that someone else will take the deal if you do not book it soon after finding it. The best guarantee to get the chance of acquiring those seats is by starting your search at least 60 days before your desired flight.

Top 10 Tips To Traveling Safely With Your Laptop

Travel can be very tough on your laptop – you must exercise care when you will be traveling with this sensitive piece of equipment. If you are not well versed in how to ensure the safety of your computer while on the road, read on for some useful tips on keeping your machine safe.

1) Keep your laptop away from any potentially harmful items in your hotel room; for example, the magnets inside of television sets and radios.

2) Always take your laptop as a carry on item. Checking your laptop is extremely unwise – luggage is sometimes lost and rarely treated gently. If you can’t take your laptop as a carry on, leave it at home.

3) On transoceanic flights, you may want to be seated near the emergency exits if possible – in a Boeing 747, there will be an outlet by these doors where you can plug in your laptop and get some work done during your flight.

4) You should take the receipt for the purchase of your computer with you if you will be taking your laptop overseas. In the event that you are searched or questioned on the way in or out of a foreign country, this may come in handy.

5) Keep in mind that electrical outlets vary from country to country – find an adapter for your computer’s power cord, if needed. A travel agent or a colleague who has been to the country where you will be going before can tell you what sort of adapter, if any will be needed.

6) Charge your laptop’s battery before you leave on a trip. It may take a little time to fully charge, but you will appreciate having taken this step before departure.

7) Make a complete backup of your data before leaving on a trip. A lot of people have discovered the hard way that the data contained on a computer can be far more valuable than the computer hardware. Travel can out your data at risk, so always take this precaution before you travel. Windows 200 and later versions have built in backup software – if your network lacks the capacity to back up all of your files. Then use external drives, tape backups or CD/DVD-R media.

8) Off-line storage can be used to carry important documents. While backing up your data will help you recover once you return from your trip, this backup will do you little good while still on the road. However, you can make another backup on a portable drive which can fit right in your pocket for easy portability. This way, if something should happen to your computer while traveling, you can continue your work on any available computer.

9) A lot of these portable devices also support security measures like password protection and encrypted files, so you can keep your data secure even if this disk is lost or stolen. Iomega is a top choice for people on the go. They manufacture a lot of mobile solutions, including a new USB Zip Drive which holds up to 200MB. They also manufacture a pocket drive – which is a PCMCIA card which can hold 40MB. Imitation’s SuperDisk and Castlewood’s Orb Drive are also great portable drive choices. Obviously, you’ll want to keep these drives on you rather than in checked luggage while traveling. You can also encrypt and/or password protect these disks and have them delivered by courier to your destination for extra security.

10) People are usually the weakest link in the chain of computer security. To keep your data secure, think as if everyone is out to get your data. This will keep security at the forefront of your mind. Make sure to get into the habit of locking down your laptop with a cable when it is not in use. Try to keep your laptop in your sight at all times. While no security measure may be enough to stop a very determined thief or spy, making things difficult will generally make them move on to an easier target.

Traveling around the world safely with your laptop is possible. From the bright and sunny beaches to the long gorgeous mountain ranges, there are plenty of places that your laptop can go and with a few precautions, you will be sure to take your laptop with no problems.

Top 10 Tips for Travelling a Long Haul With a Baby

I have flown long haul several times with my two little ones. Both flew for the first time before they were 2 months old. Here are my top ten tips:

1. Try and get a night flight- If there is a choice between day and night flights I would recommend taking the night flight. Your baby is more likely to sleep.

2. Pre-book the bassinet seat- If your baby is young enough or light enough make sure that you mention that you need a bassinet at the time of booking and also when you confirm your flight a few days before.

3. Get to the airport early- This is vital if you want to have a good chance of getting a bassinet. Even if you have pre-booked your bassinet there is NO guarantee of getting it. I have personally lost out on at least 2 occasions! There is nothing worse than sitting with a baby on your lap for 12 hours.

4. Try and fly with another adult- This is not always possible but it is always easier if there are 2 pairs of hands. I once flew alone with my daughter and had a particularly bad flight. She was too big to go in the bassinet so I had her on my lap for the entire 12 hour journey. The flight was very full and the cabin crew were particularly unhelpful. I could not eat, drink anything hot or go to the toilet because there was no-one to hand the baby to. However, I must add that that was a particularly bad flight. I have more recently flown on my own with a 3 year old and a 1 year old. I had to hold the 1 year old because he was too big for the bassinet but the cabin crew and other passengers were much more helpful on this flight.

5. Ask for help if you need it! On that very bad flight I was really upset that no one offered to help me (e.g. to get my bag out of the overhead storage). However, people don’t always offer to help unless they are asked- if you don’t ask you don’t get!

6. Make sure that your baby has something to drink or suck on during take off and landing- This is absolutely vital because babies are not able to equalise their ears like we are. The process of sucking or swallowing will help their ears to equalise. If you have ever been on a flight where a baby is screaming hysterically after take off or as the plane is descending, this is a very likely reason for that.

7. Take a bottle of water on board- If you are breastfeeding this is particularly important. Even though you can normally get a drink from the cabin crew, it is not always enough especially because flying is very dehydrating.

8. Pack a change of clothes into your hand luggage- You need to take a change of clothes for the baby in case a nappy leaks or the baby throws up. A change of clothes for you is also a good idea (if case you’re in the line of fire!).

9. Pack in a few EXTRA nappies (and other essentials)- You never know what delays you may experience so take a few extras along. There would be nothing worse than sitting in a confined space with a dirty nappy for a few hours (not to mention the inevitable nappy rash on your poor baby’s bottom!).

10. Try and get a good nights sleep the night before you fly- Most people struggle to sleep on a plane at the best of times but if you are travelling with a baby you are likely to get very little sleep even if they sleep well.

FINAL TIP: Travelling with little ones IS stressful. It is unlikely that the trip will go without hick-up. So, expect the worst the worst- if it doesn’t happen be pleasantly surprised! HAPPY TRAVELLING!

Get Cheap Flight Tickets With Hotel Booking

Getting a cheap ticket is a skill that can be acquired by doing thorough research and following some simple tips. Flights for long haul flights and many other popular destinations can be quite costly. However, they can be reduced significantly by availing promotional offers by different travel portals, including hotel deals. A lot of research has been done and published regarding seat reservation and methods to secure the cheapest deal on it. Here is a list of the most popular ones that often work.

Advance Booking

It is true that there is no magical time to get a cheap ticket, but advance booking has been a tested way of getting seat reservation at a comparatively low price. As per industry experts, carriers want to fill in their capacity with a minimum percentage and to make sure they achieve that discounts on tickets are offered. They usually roll it out six or seven weeks before the travel date. Apart from this, advance bookings leave a scope of making changes in the journey date, giving travellers an option to grab better deals. However, those who missed the chance, and their travel dates fall just after a few days, can search for flight and hotel booking offered by travel portals. It brings down the cost as well as makes the whole trip convenient. In addition, email alerts for preferred airlines can be set by travellers to avoid any such situation. These alerts notify them about each and every change in the price of tickets.

Leisure Tourists

Cost of seat reservation with carriers often depends on the destination to be visited. Hence, travellers can juggle between a few destinations and select the ones, which is economical for them. This option is not available for people, who have to travel for business purposes. They can go through costs charged by different airlines as many a time it differs drastically. Apart from this, they can shuffle between the seating classes also. In case of short-haul journeys, the cheap one can be preferred, but in case of a 20-30 hour flight they have to evaluate each aspect, in which comfort should be the top priority. The pricing strategy of different airlines may vary. For instance, Lufthansa ticket booking for many destinations may be cheaper as compared to other airlines.

Make Payments Smartly

Banks also have association with different airlines. Hence, making payment with the right card may save a great deal of money for travellers. People having good credit score can get a huge discount on airline tickets. Larger the spending, higher the credit card score; hence, experts advise on making payment with one card, unless any huge discounts is not offered on a different card. There are different loyalty programs launched by the carrier, which gives access to exclusive services at the airport as well as in the flight. Hence, travellers should not forget to stretch their membership card after making the payment to credit it with earned points. Apart from this, some of the tested formulas include bookings on weekdays as most of the people have to attend their business in these days. Hence, the flight occupancy is low and carriers usually offer discount to fill their aircraft.