Always Choose Exotic Locations for Your Vacations

Latin America is home for a number of exotic locations. From the land of Christiano Ronaldo, the famous football player, we have Portugal which is considered one among the best exotic locations in the world. The Douro Valley is a lovely place and is famous for the hills, valleys and vines. The river Douro starts flowing from Spain and goes till the ocean in Porto, touching Portugal in between. The river used to be very ferocious and flowed fast until 8 dams reduced its flowing speed in just a quarter of a century.

You can reach Douro valley by your private car or a rented one. You can also go to the valley by taking the boat service in the Douro River. There are also train services to the valley every day and from May to October, on Saturdays there is a special steam train.

The place is famous for wine. Many famous brands like Taylors, Sandeman etc have their companies set up there. Apart from these brands, red wines are produced there along with white wines. The cuisine, even though being near to the river, consists mainly of meat dishes. Fresh fish is quite common, but the local people prefer meet than fish.

When we go to a place for our vacation, we go there mainly to sight see and also to experience the taste of the place. In terms of scenic beauty, the view is just awesome. The area takes different shades in different season. For example, during fall, the place is a mixture of red and gold because of the color of the wines and in the second and third months of the year, the area is a pink and white shade because of the flowers of almond.

The number of tourists is comparatively low here. One can say it is just due to ignorance as many of them do not know such a place exists. The view of the place is just awesome as the road is also constructed in such a way that you get the best view of the place. There are a lot of curves and zigzags involved. The driving is a bit difficult, but it is totally worth the trouble.

Regua is the capital of Douro valley and it is quite developed because of the wine industry that is there in the place. This is where you will find your accommodation. There are a number of hotels that will let you choose from the variety of typical dishes of the place and also, you can do your bit of shopping from here.

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