Always Choose Exotic Locations for Your Vacations

Latin America is home for a number of exotic locations. From the land of Christiano Ronaldo, the famous football player, we have Portugal which is considered one among the best exotic locations in the world. The Douro Valley is a lovely place and is famous for the hills, valleys and vines. The river Douro starts flowing from Spain and goes till the ocean in Porto, touching Portugal in between. The river used to be very ferocious and flowed fast until 8 dams reduced its flowing speed in just a quarter of a century.

You can reach Douro valley by your private car or a rented one. You can also go to the valley by taking the boat service in the Douro River. There are also train services to the valley every day and from May to October, on Saturdays there is a special steam train.

The place is famous for wine. Many famous brands like Taylors, Sandeman etc have their companies set up there. Apart from these brands, red wines are produced there along with white wines. The cuisine, even though being near to the river, consists mainly of meat dishes. Fresh fish is quite common, but the local people prefer meet than fish.

When we go to a place for our vacation, we go there mainly to sight see and also to experience the taste of the place. In terms of scenic beauty, the view is just awesome. The area takes different shades in different season. For example, during fall, the place is a mixture of red and gold because of the color of the wines and in the second and third months of the year, the area is a pink and white shade because of the flowers of almond.

The number of tourists is comparatively low here. One can say it is just due to ignorance as many of them do not know such a place exists. The view of the place is just awesome as the road is also constructed in such a way that you get the best view of the place. There are a lot of curves and zigzags involved. The driving is a bit difficult, but it is totally worth the trouble.

Regua is the capital of Douro valley and it is quite developed because of the wine industry that is there in the place. This is where you will find your accommodation. There are a number of hotels that will let you choose from the variety of typical dishes of the place and also, you can do your bit of shopping from here.

Planning Weddings and Honeymoons Abroad in Exotic Locations

For many years the average couple only had two locations to get married, the local church or local registry office. Now you can still get married in these places but you can also have the ceremony at a hotel and the registrar will attend to administer the service. Or you can go abroad to get married and invite your guests to come with you.

A church wedding was the traditional way to get married for couples but divorced couples could only remarry at a registry office. Today there are as many couples choosing to have their ceremony and reception at a hotel venue as there are couples marrying in church with their reception at a local hotel or suitable location.

There are also a growing number of couples choosing to marry in beautiful foreign locations with the added bonus of staying at their exotic location for their honeymoon. Also their guests have the opportunity to stay on and treat it as a holiday.

Most weddings abroad are booked in warm climates to take advantage of the all year round sunshine. The two most popular locations are the Mediterranean and the Caribbean with the Far East growing in popularity.

Today many travel operators offer wedding packages which will arrange everything from the flights, hotel, ceremony, reception, photographer, honeymoon suite, even witnesses if required. The wedding can be planned at home and then the travel wedding co-ordinator will ensure all your requirements are arranged with the resort hotel you have decided to get married in.

Choosing the country and resort are the first decisions you will have to make, once you have told friends and family that you intend to get married abroad. Although there will be a wide range of options to choose from there will be some limitations and local customs you may need to observe.

Most resort hotels offer two open air locations where the ceremony can take place. Either there is a custom build area which has been built especially for wedding ceremonies or there is an area on the beach which is set up on the day to reflect the atmosphere of a wedding ceremony.

A wedding abroad is no more expensive that a wedding at home and in fact can be cheaper. Weddings abroad generally have fewer guests which mean the reception costs are lower and your guests probably will have paid for their own travel and accommodation costs. You can always hold a second reception when you are back home for all those guests who could not attend the wedding abroad.

Some couples choose formal dress for the wedding and others choose a more relaxed style of dress for the day. This again can be a saving. If you are using the hotel for your ceremony and reception then you don’t need to hire wedding cars. Although most resort hotels charge for arranging your wedding, it is no more that a church charges to carry out the ceremony.

The main difference between a Mediterranean and Caribbean wedding is the length of time couples and their guests stay. Couples and guests attending a Mediterranean wedding will stay at the resort hotel for seven to ten days. Couples and guests attending a Caribbean wedding will normally stay for an average 14 days. This is probably due to the longer travel time to the Caribbean than to the Mediterranean.

Weddings generally take place during the first seven days of arriving at the resort hotel, which allows the couple to visit the resort wedding co-ordinator and arrange the last minute details. This also allows the couple and their guests a few days to unwind and relax before the big day. One of the nicest things that you do not have to buy when getting married abroad is the holiday atmosphere that you feel from your own guests and the other holiday makers.

Once the wedding day is over you simply move into holiday mode, and enjoy the remainder of the beautiful location and warm climate. Guests that attend a wedding abroad are generally family and close friends and what better than sharing your wedding day with them but also some time together in the days that follow enjoying a holiday together.

Over the years having attended many wedding, all of which were enjoyable, two wedding stand out as most memorable experiences as they were abroad. The first wedding which the couple arranged themselves back in 2001 after a few holidays in Florida over the years they wanted to get married near to Orlando. They found a wedding co-ordinator via the Internet and arranged their wedding via email and phone. There were six in the group and the couples new 10 month old baby and the wedding was planned for January. The ceremony took place in a registered wedding location under a pergola by a beautiful lake. The couple had their own villa and flew with one of the major tour operators and stayed for two weeks.

The second wedding abroad was at the exotic location of Cancun in Mexico in the month of June. On this occasion there were eight in the group, the happy couple, his Mum and Dad, the best man and his wife and two guests. The wedding was arranged three days after the group arrived and took place on the beach, with invited and hotel guests looking on as the minister presided over the ceremony.

Plan Your Trip to an Exotic Location


The once favorite Italian destinations have now become quite expensive to visit and their beauty has been ruined to a great extent by overcrowding. The sea water is not as clear as it used to be due to which many people now get quite repelled by the idea of visiting these locations. When we are going on a vacation with or without the family the most important thing is that the destination should be excellent which takes the stress out of our daily lifestyle. Mexico is becoming quite a favored choice in this regard. The locations are not only admirable; the incredible beauty of Mexico is awe-inspiring!

The diversity of culture and meticulous devotion to ancestral traditions are greatly appreciated. Central America has great locations which are yet to be discovered and admired for their serenity. Many people are not only visiting these areas for the purpose of vacation but are investing in realty too, because these are the ideal locations for holiday homes. The beautiful unspoiled beaches and clear blue seas are extremely alluring. You will get an opportunity to not only relax and forget all your worries at these soothing beaches but you also get to explore the interesting monumental ruins of the ancient civilization in these locations.

If you are looking for exploring more such exotic and interesting locations, spend some time surfing the internet. You would come across many great locations which are best for traveling to even when you are on a tight budget. These websites also offer a variety of package deals which are sometimes all inclusive. All inclusive means, your airfare, hotel stay, meals and traveling by car are covered in one package. Such deals at hugely discounted rates are offered to attract more and more travelers to the destinations.

The travel web sites offer a great amount of support to you while you are planning your trip online. You can compare the offers of different websites and select the one that suits you the most. If there is any sort of confusion related to tickets and package you can call up their toll free help line numbers and get assistance from the customer service agent. Most of the times travel sites offer package deals which are most suitable for those individuals and families who do not wish to stress too much on planning each and every move while they are on a vacation trip. Saves a lot of time as well as relieves you from unnecessary stress.

Top 5 Exotic Locations Worldwide

The breathtaking beaches, heavenly islands, and lush Green Mountain could be just the place to have the next vacation. Here are select few wonderful exotic vacation spots that you could not be over looked at any price.


The moonlit beaches with the scented breeze wait for you in this charming island. Often called the paradise island, this is located in the South Pacific. You can enjoy things like over the water accommodation with famous spa and scuba diving in the crystal clear waters.


Not far behind in natural beauty this wonderful spot gives you private beaches, most beautiful rainforests, and Mayan ruins as back drop the whole kayaking adventure. The food here is a must experiences also, you will have candlelit dinners almost everyday here.

Costa Rica

The most highly maintained beaches and sultry honeymoon destination await for you in this South American paradise. This lush country is so diverse that you can have mountain climbing and sea fishing in same day. There are rare species of lotus, iris, and lilies in the beautiful rain frosts and chance to enjoy the adventure walks in the active volcanoes that are just to die for.


Bali is the sunny side of world, located in heart of Asia, this island has private villas and beaches in abundance among the white sand and crystal clear waters. You can easily rekindle your love here with hot oil massage and spa that is must try for every body.

Dominican Republic

Punta Cana is the honey moon capital of Dominican Republic. This is unique place where colors, sunshine, peace, love, beauty and tranquility are found in abundance.

The later half of top ten exotic destinations is equally superb, starting with Seychelles Islands this list contains, Kamalame Cay, in Bahamas, Turtle Island, Fiji, the Amalfi Coast, Rome, and Hawaii Islands.